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  • AGM Info and Upcoming Events
  •  Date Posted: Sat, 3 Dec 2022
    Hi All,

    The AGM was held on Wednesday. Minutes are available here >>

    There have been some Committee changes and in particular we thank Pancho and Wolf for their years of service and contribution, and welcome Julie Woods and Merella Curtis as our new President and Vice-President.

    Next rehearsal will be Wed 8th Feb 5-730pm at the Winsome.

    While we are at it there are a few upcoming gigs for some of our friends and sister organisations with which we share players.
    • Lismore Jazz Club tomorrow, Lismore City Bowls Club,  4 Dec 2-5pm
    • Lismore Symphony Orchestra, Ballina RSL, 10 Dec 7pm and 11 Dec 2pm
    • Mullum Folk Orchestra, The Bangalow Bowlo, 16 Dec 7pm
    Posters are attached.

    Onwards we go, and best to you all,
    Nick (Accordion)
  • Some Info and Upcoming Events
  •  Date Posted: Fri, 26 Aug 2022
    Hi Ork Peoples,

    Some items of interest:
    • Tomorrow afternoon, Sat 27 Aug, Linsey Pollak is playing our sort of music with the Beier . Griffin . Pollak Trio at an open house party at South Golden Beach. Some of you know Linsey personally, and others will know him as composer of Sinar. Act quickly if you want to be part of this. Tickets and Info >>
    • Heads up also that on the evening of Thurs 29 Sept, mandolinist Avi Avital and cellist Giovanni Sollima will also be playing our sort of music at Southern Cross University, and with free tickets for flood affected people. Music from around the Mediterranean but particularly Southern Italy and Eastern Europe. Tickets and Info >>
    • Reminder that there is an upcoming Ork rehearsal this Sunday arvo at the Winsome. >>
    • We are trying to line up an upcoming gig or two. More on that when definite.
    Hope you are all hanging in there,
    -Nick (accordion)
  • Woohoo - away we go again!
  •  Date Posted: Tue, 25 May 2021


    Well it sure has been a long time, but finally we can restart the normal Ork rehearsal cycle. 😁🎶👍

    We are restarting in June at the Winsome Hotel, same time and place and as before - 6 for 630 pm start, and on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month. We'll send an email reminder beforehand, usually with the set list to be covered.

    Pietro requests that you go to the >>upcoming events calendar on the website ahead of time to say whether you can make it or not. The choice of pieces may depend on who is attending. Just click on the event(s) and there is a dropdown to record availabilities. You will need to login first.

    First rehearsal is 9 June - Details >>here.

    Reminder: this is not a fortnightly rehearsal cycle as some months have 5 Wednesdays.


    ... and in Other News

    As you probably know, various live music events are restarting in the region, but they need your support if possible, so here is a shameless plug for all the ones that contain Orks:
    • Last weekend the Lismore Symphony Orchestra sold out their first event at the Workers Club with record attendance of 400! Congrats to them, and hopefully that is a sign of the support to come.
    • On Sunday June 6th, 2pm at Lismore City Bowlo for the Lismore Jazz Club, you can hear "Two Bands in One". Now there's a bargain! Dave Wray sax & vocals, Dan Fine sax, Azo Bell guitar, Leo Glass guitar, Mike Bullen, Pietro on Hammond organ with guests: Lucas Zorzo guitar, Judd Brennand vocals, Robynn Goddard vocals. Azo Bell, Dan, Pietro, and Dave have known each other for decades with strong links to the Sydney Jazz, Blues and R&B scene in the eighties. Expect a hugely entertaining and varied program which certainly will contrast with other Lismore Jazz Club sessions - more info will be updated >>here.
    • Then if that is not enough, on Saturday June 12, 7pm at the Bangalow Bowlo you can join our sister band, the Mullum Folk Orchestra to celebrate its 5th birthday. Cheap admission, all very social, and with a bonus performance by Arte Gitana Flamenco (Mark Bromley guitar, Serena Joy flamenco dancer, Meg Walker vocals). >>Facebook Event.

    So - support the Live Arts if you can!

    ... plus one more thing to think about

    Pietro is applying for Ork to perform at the Dorrigo Folk & Bluegrass Festival 22,23 and 24 October this year. Please think about whether you may be able to attend this, and it will also be really helpful to indicate your availability (or otherwise) on our website >>here.

    That's enough for now. If you need more info please don't hesitate to reply and hassle.

    Looking forward,
    -Nick (accordion)

  • No more Lismore Z'Orks this year (Orkeztar Lizmoré, Z'Ork)
  •  Date Posted: Wed, 9 Dec 2020
    Hi Everyone,

    Oops - my bad! I probably should have communicated this sooner. 

    There will be no Lismore Z'Ork tonight.  25 November was our last for the year. We will probably have a social meetup in January, and try  to resume rehearsals in February.

    Thanks to everyone for joining us for the Z'Orks this year, and big thanks in particular to Pietro and our guest Directors (looking at you Ernie, Luke and Omid) who have helped bring joy and hold it all together.

    We have really enjoyed the company of all folk from down South and look forward to meeting in person one day.

    Best of the season to everyone. Hoping that 2021 is an ever so slight improvement.

    -Nick (Accordion)
  • OrkBiz Mar 2020 #2 - ***REHEARSALS CANCELLED***
  •  Date Posted: Tue, 17 Mar 2020
    Hi Everyone,

    Well I guess you could all see this coming. Danged rotten virus! A message from our Fearless Leader:

    Obviously Ork Liz, like everyone else, will have to have a break from rehearsals and gigs for a couple of months. Gathering in a small space is not really a necessity so best avoided.  In the break, I hope to work on editing past recordings and a new piece or two.

    I hope you all keep well and survive this challenge, and big thanks to everyone for contributing to a such great start to the year with all 3 of our gigs

    So rehearsals are cancelled going forward until the end of May. We will review from time to time and keep you posted.

    Stay well. Best of luck for you and yours. Nothing to stop the Ork family keeping in touch through this new fangled Interwebsy thing.

    Until ?,
    -Nick (Accordion)


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