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  • No more Lismore Z'Orks this year (Orkeztar Lizmoré, Z'Ork)
  •  Date Posted: Wed, 9 Dec 2020
    Hi Everyone,

    Oops - my bad! I probably should have communicated this sooner. 

    There will be no Lismore Z'Ork tonight.  25 November was our last for the year. We will probably have a social meetup in January, and try  to resume rehearsals in February.

    Thanks to everyone for joining us for the Z'Orks this year, and big thanks in particular to Pietro and our guest Directors (looking at you Ernie, Luke and Omid) who have helped bring joy and hold it all together.

    We have really enjoyed the company of all folk from down South and look forward to meeting in person one day.

    Best of the season to everyone. Hoping that 2021 is an ever so slight improvement.

    -Nick (Accordion)
  • OrkBiz Mar 2020 #2 - ***REHEARSALS CANCELLED***
  •  Date Posted: Tue, 17 Mar 2020
    Hi Everyone,

    Well I guess you could all see this coming. Danged rotten virus! A message from our Fearless Leader:

    Obviously Ork Liz, like everyone else, will have to have a break from rehearsals and gigs for a couple of months. Gathering in a small space is not really a necessity so best avoided.  In the break, I hope to work on editing past recordings and a new piece or two.

    I hope you all keep well and survive this challenge, and big thanks to everyone for contributing to a such great start to the year with all 3 of our gigs

    So rehearsals are cancelled going forward until the end of May. We will review from time to time and keep you posted.

    Stay well. Best of luck for you and yours. Nothing to stop the Ork family keeping in touch through this new fangled Interwebsy thing.

    Until ?,
    -Nick (Accordion)


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